Faith Chapel is a local body of believers who have gathered together to worship, learn, fellowship, and reach out to our community with the good news of Jesus Christ.  We are a warm, family-oriented, Bible-centered church. Our desire is to provide meaningful opportunities for growth in every age group from the cradle up.




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Sunday School for all ages - 9:15am

 No Sunday School May 27th-September 2nd

Sunday Morning Worship - 10:30am





Recent Sermon Quotes

  • June 12, 2018
    "Every word of Christ is meant for your eternal happiness. There is nothing that motivates a person more than their…
  • June 11, 2018
    "The cure for wimpy Christians is weighty doctrine." @JohnPiper
  • June 10, 2018
    "...becoming Bible-literate is not about being smarter, or beefing up your spiritual resume, or lording your knowle…
  • June 1, 2018
    “A text without a context is a pretext for a prooftext.” "Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved…

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Pastor Dylan on Twitter

  • June 10, 2018
    “The heart can’t love what the mind doesn’t know." @jenniferwilkin
  • June 10, 2018
    "There is so much more to be had than the comfort offered in Coffee Mug Christianity." Jimmy Needham
  • May 23, 2018
    "Jesus is the temple to end all temples, the priest to end all priests, and the sacrifice to end all sacrifices." @timkellernyc
  • May 17, 2018
    Exactly right!