Godly Living in a Messy World

Rev. Dylan Valliere
Faith Chapel of the Christian and Missionary Alliance

June 23, 2019

2 Samuel 4

Seeing Beneath the Surface

We honor God by looking beyond appearances and rightly perceiving, rightly discerning, matters.

Theological License

We honor God by refusing to twist true doctrine into permission to do what we want to do.

Right doctrine is fuel for right living—unto God’s glory and our joy.

You’ve never understood God’s Word rightly until you translate it into personal obedience by faith in Jesus Christ.

Credit Where Credit is Due

We honor God by recognizing and rehearsing his grace to us which robs idols of their appeal.

Justice Done and Seen

We honor God by living justly in private and in public even as we long for God’s final just reckoning.

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