Kingdom Come (Finally!)

Rev. Dylan Valliere
Faith Chapel of the Christian and Missionary Alliance

June 30, 2019

2 Samuel 5

Promises Kept

The Promise to David

God kept his promise to make David king over Israel.

The Promise to Abraham

God kept his promise to give Israel the land of the Jebusites.

The Promise to Israel

God kept his promise to use David to save Israel from the Philistines.

Promises to Christians

Our God is a promise-keeping God and we can rely on him to be perfectly faithful.

The Ordained Servant King

David’s Reign

David was king “over Israel for Israel.” (Dale Ralph Davis)

Jesus’ Reign

Jesus reigns over his people and for his people.

Jesus is not a selfish king but one who is for God’s glory and the good of his people.

Our Leadership

Christian leaders are servant leaders.

A Compromised King

A King with Strengths and Weaknesses

David was a great yet flawed king.

A Flawless King

We are citizens of a kingdom with a perfect king.

God’s Deliverer Delivers

Deliverance Through David

God delivered Israel by David.

God delivered Israel by God’s plan.

God delivered Israel by God’s power.

Deliverance Through Jesus

God delivers his people ultimately and comprehensively through Jesus Christ.

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