Trusting in Providence

Rev. Dylan Valliere
Faith Chapel of the Christian and Missionary Alliance

November 25, 2018

1 Samuel 23


1 Samuel 23 is not a story of hardship as much as it is the continuing story of God’s providence!
Providence means God’s “provide-ance”!

Do I see God at work in the practical realities of my life or am I too busy throwing myself a pity party to recognize the presence and goodness of God?

God provides information. (v1)

God provides guidance. (vv1-2)God gives reaffirmation and the promise of success. (v4)

“Give what thou commandest and command what thou wilt.” (Saint Augustine, Confessions 10:29)

Providence at Keilah (vv1-13)

The measure of your obedience isn’t meant to be equal to the measure of your ability.

  • God gave David victory in battle (v5).
  • God provided rescue for Keilah. (v5)
  • God provided meat to eat and animals to help them with their constant travels. (v5)
  • If we become too focused on ourselves and our own problems, we miss out on being used by God and, ironically, we may miss out on God’s provision for our own situations.

Providence on the Run (vv13-14)

People cannot do what God does not allow. (v14)

Providential Encouragement (vv15-18)

God provided Jonathan for David’s encouragement.

1)     Jonathan helped David find strength in God.  (v16)  David needed more than Jonathan could ever be for him.  And Jonathan wisely pointed David to the One who is sufficient.

2)     Jonathan reminded David what God had promised to do. (v17)

3)     Jonathan reaffirmed his friendship with David. (v18)

Providence Not Coincidence (vv19-29)

The Philistine attack that draws Saul away from David is no coincidence. (v27)

God is sovereign over: every lot cast (coin flip), Proverbs 16:33; every disaster in every city, Amos 3:6; even every ability and disability, Exodus 4:11.

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