Two Kingdoms, One Eternal King

Pastor Chad Gouin
Faith Chapel of the Christian and Missionary Alliance

May 12, 2019

2 Samuel 2:1-11

A Kingdom established through divine direction

According to His Word

Divine guidance and direction has been observed in the whole book of Samuel

  • 1 Sam 15
  • 1 Sam 16

2 Things that might prevent us from relying on God’s Word

  1. Self-sufficiency
  2. Hearing but not listening

Obedience to God through actions

            David demonstrates through his obedience that his faith in God is genuine

According to His Timing

God’s timing is preparing our hearts and life for His timing

A Kingdom established through human hunger

According to Human Effort

            Building your own kingdom independent from God is active rebellion against Him

The only Perfect King and Eternal Kingdom

A perfect Kingdom

            Like a mustard seed

A perfect King

            God continues to establish a Kingdom through divine direction

According to His Grace

Scripture Reference: Isa 55:10-11, Heb. 1:3, Isa 40:8, Jas 1:19-21, Jas 2:14, 1 Cor 6:19-20, Isa 55:8-9, Psalm 25:8-10, Matt 6:10,19-21, Matt 13:31-32, Gen 17:7-8, Matt 1:1,17

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