Who is Among Us?

Rev. Dylan Valliere
Faith Chapel of the Christian and Missionary Alliance

July 14, 2019

2 Samuel 6

The Presence of God

What Was the Ark?

The ark was a 3¾’ x 2¼’ x 2¼’ wooden box with gold plating.

The ark was the central piece of furniture in the tabernacle.

What Was the Ark Really?

The ark signified the presence of God.

The ark signified the presence of God who rules.

The ark signified the presence of God who reconciles.

The ark signified the presence of God who reveals.

The ark signified the presence of God who is holy.

Why Move the Ark?

Moving the ark meant that God’s people could no longer afford to marginalize God; God must be central to the lives of his people.

The Holiness of God

What Men Did

Men sought to honor God on their own terms.

What God Did

God was angry and righteously killed Uzzah.

God sought the glory of God.

God sought the good of his people.

What David Did

David became angry and afraid.

David pulled away from God.

What We Do

We try to set the terms of our relationship with God.

We get upset when God insists on being God and being treated as God.

We pull away from God when it becomes difficult or costly.

Our Joy in God

The Heart of God Toward His People

The heart of God is to bless not destroy his people with his own presence.

Deep Joy

There is deep joy to be had by God’s people, in God’s presence, when we meet God on his terms.

Sober Joy

Our joy in God must be a sober joy that holds onto both the holiness and the gracious kindness of God.

Who We Exalt

Making Much of Self

Man-centered people believe that you must toot your own horn or no one will be impressed by you.

Making Much of God

God-centered people understand that God is the one worth exalting with our lives.

A Humble, Honorable Servant

When we are captivated by God, we’re able to be a humble and honorable servant of God—for his glory and our joy.

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