Who Do You Trust?

Rev. Dylan Valliere
Faith Chapel of the Christian and Missionary Alliance

September 8, 2019

2 Samuel 11


David’s fall began with the neglect of his responsibilities.

David and Bathsheba

David’s fall continued when he decided to do what (he thought) he could get away with.

David and Uriah

David’s fall continued when he tried to hide his sin.

David and Joab

David’s fall took him to an unthinkable place as he ran from taking responsibility.

David and the Lord

“Yahweh may be silent but he is not sightless.” (Dale Ralph Davis)

Who Do You Trust?

Do not trust any leader to be above falling into sin.

God alone will never fail you.

We dare not trust even ourselves not to fall into sin.

Depend on Christ for your perseverance.

There is forgiveness for sin, even Christian sin.

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