He Set His Face

Rev. Dylan Valliere
Faith Chapel of the Christian and Missionary Alliance, Green Bay, WI

March 25, 2018

Luke 9:51-56

He Set His Face

The Days Drew Near

Divine design is tied to these events.  Nothing is happening by accident.” (Darrell Bock)

To Be Taken Up

Jesus is going to Jerusalem not to go to the cross but to go through the cross to victory and glory.

He Set His Face to Go to Jerusalem

“I have set my face like a flint...” (Isaiah 50:7)

The People Did Not Receive Him

“Apparently, there was no more room for Jesus in Samaria than there had been in Bethlehem, or than there would be in Jerusalem.” (Philip Ryken)

Misguided Zeal

Bring the Hammer!

The Sons of Thunder had faith and they had passion but they lacked compassion.

Rebuked by Jesus

This is the time not for immediate judgment but for patience, grace, and room for repentance.

Continuing Onward

We should expect that even as some people will surely reject Jesus, others will just as surely receive the King.

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