What Happened? Who Am I? (Series)

What Happened? Who Am I?: Glorified

May 5, 2019 Romans 8:28-30 The Golden Chain The 5 Links Foreknew: Chosen by God, in advance, to receive his grace unto salvation in Jesus Christ. Predestined: Planned by God, in advance, to be conformed to the likeness of Christ unto the glory of Jesus Christ. Called: Drawn by God to Jesus in such a way that we necessarily and willingly come to Jesus in saving faith. Justified: A moment in time when God declares us forgiven and considers the righteousness of Jesus as belonging to us. Glorified: Brought by God across the finish line of salvation into our full inheritance in Jesus Christ. The Who Those who trust in Jesus for salvation and have therefore been justified by God.  Those whom God chose to save, planned to make like Jesus, effectually called to Jesus, justified by their faith in Jesus, and will cause to persevere in trusting Jesus across the finish line of salvation The Final Link Sharing in Glory “When God glorifies a human being, he grants to that person the privilege of beholding his infinite beauty and becoming like him as much as a creature can.” (John Piper) Glorified Bodies In eternity, we will have transformed physical bodies that have been glorified: set free from the effects of sin and death and disease and made like Jesus’ body. Holy Glory Glorification means that God will continue and complete the great gift of making us holy: set apart from sin and for God, completely free of every imperfection. Great Confidence in a Great God The golden chain of Romans 8:29-30 teaches us that God is sovereign and good over every step of our salvation from eternity past to eternity future. The golden chain of Romans 8:29-30 moves our confidence away from our efforts and intentions to God’s preserving grace in our lives.

What Happened? Who Am I?: Justified

April 7, 2019 Romans 8:28-30 Justification is a moment-in-time event, a legal declaration by God.  It is not a process. Justification is about the complete forgiveness of sin. Justification is about God considering, counting, or reckoning the righteousness of Jesus as belonging to those who trust in him. God looks at every believer in Jesus Christ…and sees his completely forgiven and righteous son or daughter—and is immensely pleased with his child.

What Happened? Who Am I?: Predestined

February 3, 2019 Romans 8:28-30 The Golden Chain The life-stabilizing truth that God works all things together for the good of his people has deep roots worth knowing, cherishing, and exulting in. A God-Given Destiny God has a destiny for your life, a destiny he planned for you before you were even born! Because God has a destiny planned for your life, he effectually called you to saving faith in Jesus Christ. Renovation Not Restoration Your God-given destiny is to be made like Jesus. God is not working to restore you to Adam-and-Eve-like pre-sin condition; he has a better plan for your life. We have a better hope after death than wings, halos, and harps. Magnifying Christ Through a Family of Faith Your God-given destiny is meant to glorify the Savior in the midst of the saved. As we become better reflections of Christ, we better honor Christ.