What Prevents Me From Being Baptized

Rev. Dylan Valliere
Faith Chapel of the Christian and Missionary Alliance

July 15, 2018

Acts 8:26-40

Jesus is Lord

God guided Philip by circumstances.

God guided Philip by an angel.

God guided Philip by the Holy Spirit.

Philip was ready to serve and obey Jesus Christ his Lord.

Jesus is Savior

God is drawing all peoples to himself.

God uses his people as ambassadors for Christ.

The Scripture is all about Jesus Christ.

Philip shared the gospel of Jesus from the Old Testament.

Our Father provides divine opportunities for serving the King.

Jesus is My Lord and Savior

The Ethiopian eunuch embraced the gospel message and the God-ordained outward picture of his union with Jesus.

Baptism is a picture of the gospel.

Baptism is neither salvific nor optional.

Baptism is a priority of the Great Commission and Philip’s witnessing.

We must also ask, “What prevents me from being baptized?”

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